Ruggero Conti

He has been working professionally at Studio Guatri in Milan since 1979 (from 2007 to 2014 as a partner in the Guatri-Conti professional association). He held and still holds positions on boards of directors and external auditing bodies, chairing boards of statutory auditors of industrial, commercial and financial companies, Asset Management Companies and Foundations. 

Luca Maddeo

During his professional experience, in particular during the decade of close collaboration with Conti, he gained expertise in business valuations, corporate and tax consultancy, and insolvency proceedings. He advises companies, assisted by the firm’s staff, on the planning and implementation of extraordinary transactions. He is a member and chairman of external auditing bodies of companies. He manages international relations.

Valeria Francavilla

An expert in corporate and tax consulting for joint-stock companies, she trained professionally at Studio Guatri-Conti. She and her staff advise companies on the evaluation and management of complex accounting, tax and corporate issues. She holds positions on boards of directors and external auditing bodies of companies.

Cristina De Filippo

Long experience in professional practice, in particular since 2007 at the Studio Guatri-Conti. Since 2014, she has taken on the role of coordinator of the current firm’s activities, collaborators and employees. She heads the department dedicated to the fulfilment of accounting, tax and corporate obligations. She is entrusted with the management of external relations.